Day 6 – Chesney, McGraw, Bentley

I love early mornings, whereas Chris prefers to sleep in.  When I hop out of bed at 5 a.m, he is usually grunting in rebellion at being nudged awake before the sun comes up. But this morning things were different.  There was a deafening silence in the room, and my attention was immediately drawn to the void beside me.

Although I normally relish the calmness of my pre-family routine, the emptiness of the room was stifling. But my to do list could not wait for motivation to kick in, so I began my day as usual.  Ten minutes later and armed with a cup of coffee I headed to the computer to start the day.  The radio gods must have known I needed a little extra pick me up because their playlist included a little Chesney, McGraw and our new favorite “Home” by Dieriks Bentley.  It is only February and I am already wistful of our usual concert runs this summer.


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