Day 13 ~ Tumble Bus

After making the colossal mistake of not employing some sort of part-time daycare on Chris’ last deployment I have become much more at ease at letting someone else take over daily mommy duties for me. I mean really what was I thinking a five-year old and nine month old with no help? Looking back now I am surprised I am basically still functioning on all 6 cylinders….although still questionable some days.

I will admit I implemented part-time daycare last fall when my business grew to the point of being a stay at home mom and working full-time from home became a lose lose scenario for everyone.   But now that Chris is gone having quality day care in place when I am working, sick or need to be with one of my other girls is such a blessing and relief.

My two older girls are in school full-time and my three-year old Olyse gets to go to Miss Amanda’s three to four days a week for pre-school and hanging with her peeps. Anyone who can get a thing called a “Tumble Bus” to show up at their house on Thursdays completely rocks in my book!


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