Day 17 ~ Lost

So many things will change over the next 10 months but this one hadn’t really occurred to me.  Olivia has finally lost her 4th tooth (she’s been methodical on the loss of her teeth) if you know Olivia she pretty much does things on her own time.

This is one little mile stone that under normal circumstances I probably wouldn’t have even noticed nor taken a picture of because quite frankly anything that comes out or off the body usually freaks me out.  I am not the mom that keeps my kid’s teeth for the scrapbook.  But as I got to thinking about the lost tooth it became apparent that by the time Chris gets back Olivia will have both her adult top teeth and will have begun the process of looking less like an innocent little girl but more like a pre-teen adolescent and I didn’t want to miss capturing this one little milestone for Chris.

By the way is it wrong to steal from my daughter’s piggy bank to cover for the tooth fairy?  This was only after she forgot to stop by the first night….


2 thoughts on “Day 17 ~ Lost

  1. Our Tooth Fairy is quite forgetful too – she has been known to put her treasure under cereal bowls at the breakfast table or in shoes by the front door. She is very illusive!

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