Day 20 ~ 2nd Grade Concert and Ice Cream

Today I write about one of the more suckier (is that a word?) parts of Chris being deployed.

Olivia had her one and only 2nd grade concert last night.   The evening progressed just like any other night when we have an event to go to.   Olivia got dressed up in her Christmas dress (which by the way we have totally gotten our moneys worth out of) while talking non-stop about the up coming night’s song selections and how this was quite possibly going to be the concert of the century.

At 6:00pm we made the ten minute drive to Olivia’s school where she met up with the other 24 kids in her class to begin the pre-concert organization.  At 6:40pm Olivia and the rest of her class made their way to stage for what can only be described as 20 minutes of pure superstardom.  There was lights, cameras and a music teacher with lots of patients.

During our music extravaganza we were privileged enough to hear some great American classics like “The Erie Canal” and “This Land is your Land”   I have to admit it was like listing to doves sing (well sorta cough cough).  But watching Olivia up on stage without a care in the world singing her little heart out made me tear up because my partner in crime was not sitting next to me listing to our baby girl move one step closer to independence and adulthood.

Although we were missing dad we decided that every spectacular concert still deserves our traditional Cold Stone stop for Ice Cream and I promised her I would show Dad all of the pictures of the concert and promised her I would try to figure out my phone video so I can record it for him next time.  I might need some technical support on that one…


One thought on “Day 20 ~ 2nd Grade Concert and Ice Cream

  1. After reading this blog makes me miss my family even more and more as days go by without being there. It brought a tear to my eye, when I read the blog to my good friend Preston, that I had to stop and compose myself to continue reading.

    I just wanted to say my partner in crime and my girls…Dad loves and misses you guys alot.

    Love, Dad

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