Day 22 ~ #1

It has come to my attention from an unnamed source that I have not been giving enough play time on the blog to my #1 daughter.   So today is all about my number one ~ Oksanna.

At the age of 23 Oksanna was the gift given to me to put me on the path that I was ment to be on.  My beautiful Oksanna came into my life almost 16 years ago and since that day every thought, decision and action has been based around her.    I look at her everyday and thank God that I was chosen to be her mom and given the opportunity to raise her into this smart, beautiful, young women.  I look at all of her talents and abilities and know that whatever path she chooses she will be amazing at starting with a trip to Panama this summer to do Missionary work.

Oksanna was my first partner in crime because Chris didn’t come into our lives until Oksanna was four.  Oksanna is really the reason I met and married the most wonderful man in my life.   I was not going to settle for anyone who was  less than outstanding to help me raise one of  the coolest kids I have.  Chris has been amazing dad to Oksanna and they have a pretty cool bond these days.  They are both the easy-going ones in the family really counter act the rest of us crazies in the house.

Yesterday Oksanna had her first track meet.  We are so blessed she was able to run at all after a diagnoses of a chipped bone in her back last summer kept her from playing volleyball and diving this year.   After months of physical therapy and home exercises I am so happy to report that she was able to run the 100 meter dash and 4×100 relay race.  I am so very proud of her for all her hard work and dedication.   This is one of those times that I wish Chris was here it give one of his great pep talks and words of encouragement.


One thought on “Day 22 ~ #1

  1. I wish I was there too babe. I am very blessed to four amazing women in my life. To my number 1, always keep your head up and smile even in defeat. You are an amazing young woman and a great role model for your two sisters. I love you Oksanna.

    Love, Dad

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