Day 30 ~ Keep Him Safe

Sunday evenings have become our night to snuggle on the couch after the weekend and watch Army Wives and Coming Home.  I even let Olivia stay up a half an hour later to finish watching Coming Home because I think it’s such a heart warming show plus I can kind of show her what dad is doing.

Last night I was texting Oksanna about the show and telling her there was a Navy dad on there with 3 daughters and that I probably wasn’t going to make it through the show without a few tears shed.   I am not the type of person who gets overly emotional about anything but this show in particular hits a little too close to home.  Oksanna and I were texting for a few minutes and she comes back with this text that makes me so very proud to call her my daughter….

“We just need to live through him and with him and trust that he’ll keep him safe”….Oksanna


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