Day 33 ~ Maybe not the Cupcakes

Yesterday was probably one of those days that would have turned out the same way whether Chris was here or not but I have this wonderful forum in which to tell our story so I will.

You know it’s not going to be the best of days when you hear your oldest puking up lasts night meal at 4:15 in the morning.  I can think of a few better ways to wake up.  At least she is 16  and to the point where her being sick  is pretty self-contained.  I can pretty much go about my day with the occasional “how you feeling?’ and “can I bring you anything to make you feel better?”  There is no mad grab to ensure correct aim in the potty….

So with Oksanna probably staying in bed most of the day I got the other two up and ready to go.  The day was actually going fine with no big issues until I got to my dentist appointment at 1:00 pm in the afternoon.  I was told that the appointment was going to take an hour which of course left me plenty of time to pick up Olivia at 3:00 pm from school.   At about 2:30 pm I could tell the dentist was nowhere near done and when the elusive panic started to set in about “forgetting” Olivia at school which in my mind was how Olivia was going to re-tell the story.    All I can say is thank you Wende for having enough room in your car to grab Olivia and bring her home and probably saving me some money  20 years down the road at Olivia’s therapy session about “how her mom forgot her at school”.   And bonus for me that Oksanna was home sick so she was at home to meet Wende.    Sometime being sick not such a bad thing for mom.  I did finally leave the dentist at 3:15 pm numbed up and trying not to drool on anyone.

This is the part where if Chris was home I don’t think the day would have ended with my sweet friend Angel bringing us a delicious homemade chicken and ice cream cupcakes ~ thank you Angel!  I think the cupcakes totally made Olivia forget about me “forgetting her at school thing.” win win for me!!


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