Day 34 ~ …and OMG they deliver

This post is going to be a total endorsement for my new favorite dining establishment ~Mad Greens.  I ended up there because I had a coupon (not unusual for me I will get into my obsession with coupons in another post) I had heard good things about the place but to be totally honest I had avoided going in because it sounded like the typical  granola eating, Birkenstocks wearing, non-eating meat kind of place.   I am more of a “Diners, Dives and Drive-in” kind of girl.   But I had these coupons and if I didn’t like the place at least I wasn’t going to pay full price right?

Well I went in there and immediately found that they do have meats (sigh of relief) and only the best salads for any girl on the run….little happy dance!  There are currently 10 locations in Colorado and I highly recommend checking one of them out…

And bonus they deliver…I am hooked!!!!


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