Day 36 ~ Remember that hot tub you wanted?

Yesterday definitely fell into the category of  “shit I didn’t think I would have to worry about while Chris was gone.”

I went out yesterday to weed our small garden area in our backyard and I somehow got carried away with the weed spray and got on this quest to eliminate every last weed on our  lawn (my OCD must have started to kick in) and long story short I ended up behind the only tree in our backyard.  Those of you who know me well can take a pretty good guess at what explicit words came out of my month when I saw the slanted tree with many of the anchoring roots broken and not holding the tree in place.  Talk about a wave panic as I see my girls running in out of the backyard.  How did I not notice this before you ask?    In my defense the tree was wedged up against the corner of the back fences and from my vantage point on the back patio the tree looked fine because our backyard is slanted which of course made the tree look up right.  Right?  Let’s go with that.  In fact, we didn’t even lose any branches off this particular tree in our crazy bad snow storms this year.  These were the same snow storms that cost us two other trees in the front yard.  Moral of this story  you should probably go out into your backyard once during the winter months.   I think it like starting a car up every once in a while to keep it running good.

Obviously the tree had to come down because the girls play out there all of the time and the last thing I need on my plate is having to explain to Chris how one of his girls was squished by a falling tree.   I am pretty good at certain things but tree removal is not in my repertoire of things I do well or ever.  Although you would think growing up in Nebraska I would have had some experience with tree removal you know with all the tornado and such….but no.  I had a dad who took care of that kind of thing.    So I humbled up and called in the big guns to help.  Thank you so much to Burt and Kim our wonderful next door neighbors for helping me out of this crazy mess.   There will be some homemade baked goods in your future which I think is what you do in incidents like this.  I don’t know I have never had an incident like this 🙂

On the plus side I don’t have to worry about Chris in the dead of night converting my garden space into hot tub space because we now have a beautiful scenic location (you know if you stand tippy toe on top of the fence you might get a glimpse of the front range peeks) for the Jacuzzi that Chris has been wanting since we moved in here.  Thank you to mother nature and the previous owner for not rooting the tree deep enough….


One thought on “Day 36 ~ Remember that hot tub you wanted?

  1. Thank you Mother nature!! Someday a hot tub will be there in the tree’s place. Especially thankful for having such great neighbors…Thank Burt and Kim for helping out my family while I am gone.

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