Day 37 ~ shoot first ask questions later

Spring break has left me with a rare opportunity  to go out and do my absolute favorite kind of shooting.   I love to shoot early in the morning just as the sun starts to break the horizon.  Typically my other full-time job as cook, maid, chauffeur, tutor and general peacekeeper takes up most of my time and  leaves me very little time for early morning shooting.    With Oksanna being home (I am not saying she is totally conscious at 6 in the morning but she is home) I was able to take advantage of one of Colorado’s beautiful mornings.   This morning was especially invigorating because not only did I get to take full advantage of what nature had to offer but I also got to do a little “breaking and entering”  which always gets my juices flowing.   It’s only breaking the law if you get caught, right?  Until then it’s  just me going that little extra mile to get the best angle for the shot.     I am not going to lie I can still scale a fence pretty damn good even at almost 40 years old which I am sure will come in handy when my “breaking and entering” becomes “breaking the Law”….just sayin’

I am of the philosophy of shoot first ask questions later.

Here’s a little of what I do when I am not documenting every aspect of our own personal lives in this blog for my wonderful but deployed husband, Chris.


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