Day 40 ~ 35 and Calm

Today was one of those days that runners kill for.  The temperature was about 35 and there was no wind.  In a runner’s world that’s almost paradise.

Ok so I am totally use the word “runner” loosely these days.  I am still trying to get back to some decent times and distances after a debilitating back injury last fall.   Last year at this time I was getting ready for a half marathon but this year I can barely squeak out a 3 mile run but  I am very grateful that I can at do that because 6 months ago I could barely but my running shoes on without pain.

As with all struggles and challenges in life I am guessing Chris’ deployment will “run” pretty much the same way.  A whole lot of pain in the beginning and then slowly but surely we will be into a nice steady stream of 3 milers with the occasional 40 mph wind and extra ice to relieve the pain and then hopefully by December we will both be on track for another half  marathon and the days will be mostly 35 and calm.

We love you and miss you babe!


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