Day 44 ~ A little mother daughter time? ….bwwwwhahaha

This weekend Oksanna and I had a little mother daughter bonding time.   I am pretty sure Oksanna had other thoughts on what constituted quality “bonding time” such as shopping, a pedicure or even lunch but none the less we spent a good 3 hours preparing our lawn and garden for planting.   Olivia also helped out where she could like helping with some stick removal and of course taking the picture for the blog.    Olyse just ran around in her swim suit and snow boots which is kind of what she does best.   She looked pretty darn cute which made up for lack of enthusiasm on the idea of weeding the gardens.

I actually can’t wait to start planting because I have come quite obsessed with canning and freezing and the thought of being able to eat our own garden vegi’s all year totally gets my juices flowing not to mention Chris will get to try a few when he gets home.

So I give Oksanna a totally high-five for rocking it out this weekend and beware next year because you will probably get recruited again 🙂


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