Day 45 ~ Back in Black

It’s only taken me 45 days but I have finally figured out my weakness….lightbulbs!     My one burnt out lightbulb has suddenly snowballed into ten burnt out bulbs that have left the girls and I in somewhat of a dark state.   I swear to god I thought we had a lightbulb fairy because I  honestly don’t think I have ever changed a light bulb in this house.   Or maybe we do have a lightbulb fairy and she kind of runs on the same schedule as the tooth fairy and is not always as prompt as she should be.

I am the type of person that stocks up on everything toothpaste, soap, Ibuprofen and not one time since Chris has been gone did it ever occur to be to buy a lightbulb.  Either way I don’t think Chris or the lightbulb fairy’s are going to come to the rescue anytime soon so I had better get on the ball and finish this little project before we are working completely by computer and Kindle light.

Hey babe if you read this could you tell me if we have any extra bulbs in the house before I go out and buy them?


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