Day 47 ~ Easter Madness

I will be honest Easter is not one of my top favorite holidays.  I am more of a Fourth of July or Halloween kind of girl but the little girls LOOOOOVE Easter and that is Love with a big fat capital “L”.  And bonus for Olivia this year because her birthday also falls on Easter.   Which means the Easter bunny, birthday cake and presents all rolled up into one magical day!  I can hardly wait for the sugar high that will surely ensue that day.   And Oksanna “no, the Easter Bunny will not be bringing you thong underwear”  because well that is just wrong and probably sacrilegious.   But I did hear some rumblings about Peeps.

This holiday and the ones to follow will not be the same without dad but my goal is to make them as “normal” as possible.

On a side note this picture totally looks like a dentists dream (you know) if they want to turn a profit in their practise.


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