Day 48 ~ It’s a street thing….

Mama got her street thing back.  I passed up an invitation to go on a run and an invitation for lunch because nothing fuels me more than taking my camera and walking around unknown parts of the city.    Today I took my camera and walked the streets of Denver.   It’s my passion it’s what drives me and I honestly can’t think of any better way to spend a day by myself.   It’s almost impossible to try to shoot with the family in tow because like any artist you want the best shot/angle/subject and sometime it takes a while to find that and listing to “mommy are you done?” can take the “creative” right out of you.  I will give  Chris credit he does put up with my narcotic behavior but he even grumbles at time.    The blog is about marching forward and continuing to somewhat go on as normal well my “normal” is shooting it makes me a better mom, wife and puts the “groove” back in my camera.   The drug is my camera and shooting feeds that addiction.

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The Link:!/JenniferMeccaPhotography


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