Day 49 ~ EIGHT is GREAT!

One of the very cool things about having all daughters is always having someone to do the girly things with.  Chris and I are pretty close but he draws the line at pedicures and manicures….go figure?

My beautiful daughter Olivia turns 8 tomorrow and  I will admit with Chris being gone I probably went a little overboard but you only turn 8 once and I really wanted her to remember her birthday and not worry about Dad being so far away.   So for her birthday outing we decided to get pedicures (her very first one).  Olivia has been talking and talking and talking about wanting to get a pedicure so we did and I am not going to lie there was no arm twisting to fulfill this little wish on my end.  She went with a gorgeous sparkly purple which in my opinion was a good color choice because it pretty much matches every outfit in her drawer.

The bonus surprise for the day was a trip to the ear-piercing store of which she knew nothing about.   I suck at surprises so to keep this one was big for me.   Olivia picked out her birthstone earing (diamond) and the ladies added two extra holes to her body.   I have to give her credit, there was not one tear shed as the holes where being administered although I think there was some serious thought to it.

More changes in our journey to keep Marching Forward means one extra girl in the household who loves Pedicure (sorry babe I have brought her to the darkside with Oksanna and I) and two extra holes.


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