Day 51 ~ Box of Bike

This weekend was Olivia’s 8th birthday and she totally partied like a rock star!  I mean really how often does your birthday also fall on Easter?  She ate it up and milked every minute of it.   I, however, received this box of bike on Friday from my over-confident husband in my abilities to put it together ….ummm ok?   I love that my husband has faith but I know my strengths and this was not probably going to one of them.

This is why I choose gifts like pedicures and ear piercings ~ no assembly required.

My original plan was to wait until Olivia went to bed on Saturday night and then work on it.   Thank god my neighbor called Saturday afternoon and asked me if I wanted him to help us turn our sprinkler system back on.  I thought to myself  “we have to turn the sprinkler system back on”?    I swear home ownership should come with a manual.   While we were working on the sprinkler system our chit-chat lead me to mention I had this bike to put together for Olivia.  He took one look at it and then looked at my “what the hell was my husband thinking” face and graciously volunteered to help me.    Oh thank god because what took Burt an hour probably would have easily taken me at least three.

With the bike assembled Chris Skyped us Sunday for a little family birthday party and to watch Olivia “open” her bike…

Thank you Burt without your help we probably would not have this bottom picture  🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 51 ~ Box of Bike

  1. Funny honey, I remember you texting me…saying “I put a doll house together”. Thank you Burt for helping out my family. Olivia…Happy 8th Birthday!!!!! Daddy loves and misses you, enjoy your new bike.

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