Day 52 ~ At least it’s not a new house

Ok quick back story….  Last time Chris was on deployment I bought a house and yes he knew where it was.  This deployment I swore up and down I would not make any major purchases…kinda.  It’s not as big as a house unless you are our almost 16-year-old daughter.    We had some friends upgrading and this hot little item just kind of fell into our laps.   I am no way an advocate of buying my kids stuff especially cars (just ask them and yes they have to walk barefoot uphill both ways to school and back) but with two younger kids at home having an extra driver (yes the car comes with conditions) will be a little relief for me.  It is by no way a new car but it will get her to school and her JOB (hint hint) because gas and insurance are not cheap.  Welcome to adulthood my sweets 🙂

Really, I think the bigger issue here is there is no way Chris and I are old enough to have a 16-year-old daughter…geeez


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