Day 55~ Opening Day

Today is the home opener of the baseball season for the Seattle Mariners and for Chris this day is like Christmas,  4th of July and his birthday all rolled up into one spectacular magical day.  This is usually the day I get to start hearing about how great Seattle is doing or how bad they suck, or what awesome or crappy trade took place.   This is the day that always reminds of how we met and ultimately fell in love.

Anyone who has been married longer then a minute knows that not every day is like opening day (spectacular, magical and full of hope ).   After being married for almost 11 years and going through some tough times the one constant we have always had is baseball it may sound dorky and weird to some but baseball brought us together and it’s the one constant that has remained the same throughout our years together.     Metaphorically speaking we have had Grand Slam days, we have had wins and loses and we have had days where we couldn’t hit water if we fell out of a boat.  But no matter what the day brings we never go wrong when we are sitting together at a baseball game.   So even though the miles are keeping us apart  physically this year every time I hear a score or watch a game I will think of you my friend.

I found this picture of one of our first dates back in 2000.  Oksanna was about four years old and looks thrilled to be there.

The Mariners were playing the Royals.


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