Day 58 ~ Do Over

Yesterday was just one of those days when I wish we as adults/parents had those crazy things called do overs.  Between Oksanna getting her car key stuck in the ignition switch and then the little girls using the bright pink plato on the carpet which were both quickly followed up by my head exploding, mommy needed a little time out.

A couple of weeks ago I bought this electric saw I am not going to lie  it is probably one of the coolest purchases I have made thus far and not a purchase I would ever have made if Chris had been home.  The shit I can destroy with it is endless.  I went outside for my little timeout and took my aggression out on this broken lawn chair and surprisingly felt a whole lot better and had that lightbulb moment of why guys have man caves.    I am sure there was probably a better way of destroying the chair to make it fit in the garbage can but definitely not a more fun way.

The car key came out after we jumped the battery,  the pink plato will probably have to be replaced with hardwood floors,  I am buying new patio furniture and all is serene with the world again….almost, wait for tomorrow’s post.


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