Day 59 ~ Just roll with it…

As much as I try to fight it I have succumb to the fact that I too work on military time and “just roll with it” should be a military spouse’s motto.   A relaxing trip to California (which was already rescheduled once) to meet up with Chris before he goes overseas has turned into a quick trip to Vegas a week and a half earlier per a 3:47 am text.   I should note that my text underneath reads  “What the Hell?” not because I don’t want to see my husband but because Vegas and California are two very different vacations and planning everything on such short notice is overwhelming at best (those with little kids will understand that statement).   If I just had to worry about myself I would have been on a plane this afternoon.

With the hotel rebooked, the girls school re-notified,  and after begging my hair stylist to try and fit me in this week I will do what any good military spouse does and just roll with it and fingers crossed we will be Vegas bound next week.


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