Day 60 ~ Root canal over swim suit shopping

You always think you will have more time to get “bikini” ready before any vacation and hell up until yesterday I had a whole extra week and a half  (that’s a lot of time in girl world) not to worry about how I was going to look parading/chasing my three-year old half-naked around a pool.   After the initial shock and then excitement of getting to see Chris earlier then expected I started seeing flashes of swim suits in my head and then I sat down and wept a little.

Now I know my husband could care less what I wear but the little voices in my head keep telling me  I need to find something that will hold up my boobs, tuck in my tummy  and of course make me look 25.  Clearly doable if I wasn’t almost 40 with three kids under my belt.

With a heavy sigh and more weeping I have decided that my current selection of swim wear sucks and I will have to make the dreaded swim suit shopping trip.  Shopping for a swim suits ranks right up there with root canal and being stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire.   There will be more yelling, crying and cursing God for gravity.  If the stars are aligned just right today I might find something that doesn’t make me look 90 or allow for a wandering boob while I am doing the one arm scoop with Olyse as she jumps into the 10 foot side with no floaty because she “can do it herself”.

P.S. The photo was taken in my daughter’s room.  I do not have postcards with hot guys sitting on my mirror.  I keep them in my drawer….


5 thoughts on “Day 60 ~ Root canal over swim suit shopping

  1. One word. OKay, actually two: Spanx bathingsuits at Target. So worth the $. You can thank me later 🙂 (but you do already look cute!)

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