Day 62 ~ Lentil Chile? Yes!

If I had to pick an inanimate object besides my camera that I can’t live without it would be my crock pot.  Honestly, its god gift to crazy busy families and makes me feel like I can cook without really having to cook…brilliant!   And being a partially single parent right now probably makes me love the crock pot as much as my camera.    Yesterday, I stumbled upon a recipe for Lentil Chile for the slow cooker (  I thought “great” because I have a few pounds of lentil beans in my cabinet that I have never quite figured out what to do with but figured at some point a recipe would fall into my lab and today it did.

Today for the very first time I cooked a pot of Chile without meat in it.  I know it’s unheard of for a girl born and raised in cattle country Nebraska.  Ok well I was born in Lincoln but we did have a lot of cows outside the city.  I didn’t tell the girls what exactly I was making because I didn’t want them to get any preconceived ideas of thinking “that’s not real chile” and every mom’s favorite expression “ewww gross”.  The house smelled the same and to a degree the pot of Chile looked about the same.  So I served it up and crossed my fingers because if they didn’t like it I was going to be eating this chile for days.   The responses where “ya mom we like this better than your regular chile.” SUCCESS!  I love it when an impromptu idea works out.

Here’s the recipe:

16 oz bag dry Lentil beans

24 oz can of kidney beans with juice

15 oz can of crushed tomato with juice

chili packet

fill the rest of the crockpot with water

Cook on high for 3 hours and low for an additional 2-3 hours.

I would love to know if anyone else has some great recipes for lentils.


2 thoughts on “Day 62 ~ Lentil Chile? Yes!

  1. This sounds delicious! (I am a lentil fan – my family, not so much.) I too LOVE my crockpot – I used to use it only in the cold months, but it does such a great job on ribs and roasts, there’s really no reason to not use it year-round and avoidi heating up the kitchen! If you’re looking for vegetarian chili recipes, here’s one that doesn’t have meat or beans (not good if you’re looking for protein) but a delicious soup/chili nonetheless:


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