Day 65 ~ Memories Vegas Style

Today I am packing, shopping, finishing up loose ends at work and squeezing in a cut, color and style (thank you Lucas at Mystic Garden ~ Fabulous!).   We have four days or 96 hours of leave (depending on which side of the military family you are on) in Vegas before we are split up again for eight more months.   It sucked saying goodby two months ago but in the back of mind I knew it would only be a couple of months before we saw each other.   I know that this goodby will be much harder because the time will be longer and the communication a lot less between us.  So as much as I am looking forward to Chris, Vegas and a whole lot of fun the looming eight months still lingers in the back of my mind.  It’s a daunting task to only have four days to make memories that will last the next eight months.    We are a tough family and I am pretty handy with the camera so with our usual love, chaos, laughter and strength we will keep Marching Forward…uh Vegas Style this week.

~Had to take a picture of my new doo because it won’t look this good-by the time I see Chris~


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