Day 69 ~ All You Need is LOVE

It’s a little cheesy but then so are we.   Last night we decided to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary about a month early.   Our anniversary falls on June 2nd and  Chris will be long deployed by then so what better way to celebrate then to go to The Beatles LOVE Cirque du Soleil show.    It was outstanding because not only did we have a wonderful night out the show unexpectedly became quite nostalgic for me.   Although I am a kid of the 80’s and love a good hair band my dad was a kid of the 60’s and  made sure my brother and I grew up appreciating  the Beatles.

We used to listen to “Breakfast with the Beatles” every Sunday morning and looking back it was probably as good as any church service you could get on the outside.    I sat there last night and I felt like I was transported back to my childhood home on Otoe Street in Lincoln, NE.  Funny how almost 52-year-old songs can be a source of such great memories for someone who is not even 40 yet.

Although Chris did not have the same experience with Beatles mania growing up as I did.   I feel like through out our 11 year marriage, a Paul McCartney concert, watching “A Hard Day’s Night” at an old Seattle theater and now the “Love” show he has grown to appreciate the Beatles brilliant song writing and career as much as I do.


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