Day 70 ~ Boys dig chics who dig Mustangs!

On our way out to Las Vegas I thought I had seen an unusually large amount of Mustangs on the road but I blew it off because I wasn’t driving mine and I figured I  was seeing more than what was actually there.  But when we pulled into a gas station in Western Utah there were about ten Mustangs all parked “I thought to myself this is not normal” so I asked one of the owners what was going on.  I swear the Mustang gods where looking out for us because the guy told me there was a Mustang convention in St. George, UT over this weekend and this was one of only three that happen throughout the United States.  Those that know me well know I have had a serious love affair with the Mustang since I was about 9 years old.

Yesterday Chris, I and the girls made the 100 mile trek up to St. George, UT to drool all over the 350 Mustangs.

Our little Mustang enthusiasts in the making:


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