Day 74 ~ Today I eat jellybeans tomorrow I run…

Today begins a new chapter in this whole crazy deployment thing.  Up until today Chris and I were for the most part only a text away and only two hours apart by plane.  Today we begin our new journey of being a good day apart or about 7300 miles away with no texting ability because Chris will have no cell phone (I know weird in this day and age) and he will only have computer access when he is back in port which will be hit and miss.  Today is the first day where I am truly on my own and will be making every decision basically independently for the next 8 months.  Over the past two and half months I have gotten used to making the decisions but it’s always nice to have the back-up ok from your partner even it’s from a quick text after the fact.

As Chris sets out on the second part of his adventure I hope the Navy knows what a great man, father and husband they are getting.  The girls and I are very grateful and proud of everything Chris is doing and giving to his country.  So today I am going to sit and ponder these new although expected developments, hug the girls a little tighter, say a couple of extra prayers, eat jellybeans and tomorrow I dust off the running shoes and keep marching forward.


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