Day 75 ~ Teacher Appreciation

Today is day one of moving on with the next 8 months and why not kick it off with what I do best ~ a little picture-taking.

Typically I don’t like to mix my business with anything non-business related.  I know there a lot of photographers who take on every school project their kid has but I would rather volunteer my time in other areas and keep my photography at a different level.   However, with that being said I was asked to come in and take pictures for Olivia’s 2nd grade Teacher Appreciation project.   And because I find Mrs. Jarvis to be one of the best teachers I have ever encountered and bow to her for her amazing ability and patience she has with her sometimes unruly class of 25 second grade students I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the morning.  The pictures will accompany a host of beautifully written letters from each student.

I hope this gift of letters and pictures also include a bottle of wine for while she is reading them….just sayin’

My unruly second grader:


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