Day 76 ~ test shot on a 22 mile ride…

Yesterday I was admittedly schooled on what constitutes a portfolio quality picture.   I am from the old  school of thinking that bigger is better and the better your camera the more portfolio worthy it will be.   But with all the advances in cell phone camera technology I am learning that might not always be the case.   I keep running across blog after blog of photographers who primary use a cell phone camera with an app like Histogram.

Today while I was on a beautiful bike ride along the Colorado front range with these two lovely ladies I stopped and took a few test shots to see what I could actually get.  I still love my Canon 5D but in a pinch I might be able to work with a cell phone shot… Yikes.


3 thoughts on “Day 76 ~ test shot on a 22 mile ride…

  1. I love riding bikes. But I sweat a lot that kills my pleasure. 😦 You can find a lot of posts related to biking in this crowded city. Hope you’d take a look. 🙂

    By the way, your city arranges Critical Mass? Just wondering.

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