Day 82 ~ …and a dog named Gus

Chris and I  have only been  home owners for the last two and half years and  have yet to do any major projects to the house.    The one thing that Chris and I both hated although for different reasons was the fence and rock trimming outside our house.  Chris hated the fence because he thought it looked ridicules and I found it to be nuisances the day I had to pick about 20 splinters out of our than 2 year olds hand after she ran her hand on the top of it.  And I swore if one more rocked shot at me while I was mowing or I had to pick one more weed out of the rocks I was going to have them both removed.  Well guess what today is that day!   We will call it an early anniversary present for Chris and I.  Fence removal for Chris and rock removal for me.  The new flowers that will be planted will be for both of us or all the baby rabbits in the yard.

True story ~ I totally hired these guys because they happened to be working on my neighbor’s yard and stopped to help me out to jump my car when my battery went dead a few weeks ago.   They are a small landscaping business with reasonable rates if anyone is looking for a couple of reliable guys.  His name is Jonathan Okorowski with Snoops Home to Western Gardens. 720-371-8568.   They recycle or repurpose most of materials that they remove and they have a very cool dog named Gus.

Olyse outside supervising the work.


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