Day 84 ~ The kids are all right!

When I became a mom for the first time 16 years ago I imagined a million things I would do with my daughter.  Go to the park, the zoo, first days of school, vacations, college and eventually maybe watch her get married and have children of her own.  No where on my radar was there a tattoo shop and a belly button piercing.  I mean really I didn’t get my first belly button piercing until I was around 25 and long gone from the watchful eye of my dad.

Never the less for Oksanna’s 16th birthday she wanted a belly button ring and I think a “yes” accidentally slipped out when I was probably in the middle of three conversations at the same time.  This has happened a lot since Chris has been gone (3 conversations at once).    I am slightly wondering if I have become a super cool mom or if CPS is going to come knock on my door.  Either way it will be a day that neither one of us will forget and will fit in nicely somewhere between going to the zoo and getting married of pretty cool things I have done with my daughter….


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