Day 86 ~ Dare I say it?

Have you ever been stretched so thin that you are almost transparent?   That was me over the last week.  Holy shit for 80 plus days I have for the most part been on solid ground with only a few days of feeling like I was drowning under the weight of maintaining a full-time job and household by myself.  Well last week I finally hit the proverbial wall.   I mean it I was DONE with a big fat capital D.   No, mommy doesn’t want to make dinner, breakfast, lunch, go to the grocery store, take you to school, get baths done at night, workout,  homework, clean, laundry,  work, take you to Karate, break up sister fights, work in the garden, or get the oil changed in the car.  All mommy wants to do is sit in the closet with a bottle of Tequila (ok maybe not Tequila that usually brings on pregnancy in my house) but you get the idea.

Today after putting things in perspective and a few good cries I am feeling much better.   First, with Olivia working on her last big project of the year means school is out in a couple of weeks which means I can cross off my list of things that have to get done almost everyday – homework and driving little people around every morning.   For most parents I think the idea of their kids being home for the next three months sends them into a panic.  But for me the idea of not having to drive anywhere in the morning and not having to supervise homework at night is a welcome relief.  Second, I have to make sure my workouts start being more of a priority.   I admit I have been a little lax on motivation but only because I have about 30 billion other things that need to get done to keep our house running quasi-smoothly and none of that time is spent on me.  I have been a mom long enough to know that “me time” is essential to make me a better wife and mom.  Third, I need to teach the kids to cook and not just on mother’s day.  I have no problem eating toast every night as long as I don’t have to make it…just sayin’

The moral of this little rant is “YES, I can’t wait until Chris get’s home so he can help me out with half of those chores I just listed up above.”  You see Chris and I have for the most part been in a marriage where both of us worked and then split the household duties.  I love Chris and all that he doing and I am counting the days until he gets home so we can be a family again but running a house with three kids with a full-time career is a TWO person job so next time you judge me and think I am selfish  “on wanting Chris home so he can help me out”  come walk in my shoes for a day.

Olivia working on her last school project is kind of what I looked like all last week.


2 thoughts on “Day 86 ~ Dare I say it?

  1. I don’t work a full time job – that I get paid for anyway. I have a hard time keeping up with my pre-schooler, my volunteer stuff, my 17 month old, my house, the cars and laundry, and I hired someone to mow the lawn – I have no idea how you work a full time job on top of all that.

    Maybe you could invite someone to have each child spend the weekend with them, and take an afternoon to go get a massage. And in the meantime – forget about the weeds and the floors and the toys all over the house. I put them on my list of things “I might get to” while my husband is gone. Lord knows I am not having parties at my house every weekend and people just have to accept that after awhile, the mundane chores and household stuff becomes even more so and if they are going to judge, they have no empathy.

    I am more than a little envious of the wives whose mom’s are retired and come stay with them for weeks at a time to help. I feel really inadequate when my house is trashed and I go to their houses and their bookshelves are perfect, no toys on the floor, no piles of unopened mail/newspapers on the dining room table, no unflushed pee or skid marks in the toilet, or ring around their bathtubs. 😉

    You are right that you have to keep yourself and your workouts as a priority. Even when you are spread thin, they will help center you if only for a moment. And who says you can’t go into a closet with tequila when the kids are all in bed?

  2. Thank you Kim for your awesome note. I think you just start doing it because you have too and then like I said you hit a wall. I would love a relative of any kind that would come take the kids for an afternoon on the weekend …that would for sure be a blessing 🙂 My list of “might dos” has grown way too big…lol I hope your husband is getting home soon 🙂

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