Day 88 ~ I sometimes miss pot plants in the backyard…

Suburb: as defined by Wikipedia “a separate residential community within commuting distance of a city”.  Yep, that’s where I live.  I am not sure how exactly this happened but it did.   And I have fully solidified our suburban existence with the hire of landscapers and completion of our first landscaping project.  I remember when “landscaping” was planting pot plants in the backyard and then hoping our dog didn’t eat said plants (please note this was long before I was married or with Chris).    However, as the years went by and Chris and I got married and more and more little people joined our family the suburban lifestyle somehow got hold of us and kind of took over.

We have been living this “suburban lifestyle” since we moved to Colorado about 5 years ago.    I have come to the conclusion that this is why people go through what is commonly refered to as a “mid-life” crisis.     Suburbia is not rural living nor is it city living it is this purgatory of leftovers who don’t quite have an identity.  I mean really I live in an area where if we want to paint the outside of  our house we have to get the color  approved by the big giant scary HOA “big fat eye roll.”  I mean really I love the color purple but would I paint the outside of my house that color?  Probably not.   I do understand the concept of  resale value.    They seriously walk around with a pencil and notepad “taking notes” about our houses.    I lived in fear all last summer because I thought they were going to haul me off to jail because I had a weed or twenty  in my yard.  Too be honest I  left the weeds in to be this total suburban rebel it was liberating and then I planted these six-foot sunflowers in my front yard.  They were pretty cool but probably not appropriate for the front yard according to some ~ahhh bite me!  The sunflowers may make another appearance this year but mostly so I can block all the Obama signs that are probably going to start appearing across the street over the summer….just sayin’

Don’t get me wrong there are pluses to living in the burbs and the reason we ultimately choose to live here.  We love that the kids have a very safe neighborhood to play in and that they will grow up with fond memories of the neighborhood pool, riding bikes, chalk drawings, lemonade stands, neighborhood garage sales,  playing with friends and all the other things childhoods should be made of.  We love that we have the option of picking which school we can send our kids too.   I love that I  get to plant and have pretty much as big a garden as I need and want and we love that our living space is big enough to accommodate five people.  I also secretly love Costco (that’s where people in the burbs go to buy 5 lbs of peanut butter) and we love that we have made some pretty great  friends here.

So  as much as I would love to live in the city in a condo that is within walking distance to all the cool shows, shops and sporting events my desire to have and raise a family over rode my alter-ego condo lifestyle.  So for now I feed my inner urban with many trips to the city to do as much shooting as possible and in 15 years when the last little person is out the door hopefully Chris and I can fulfill our dream of living in the city.    Until then we still won’t be buying a mini-van or Prius any time soon or pulling weeds on any regular basis but  hopefully we will have some very pretty “PURPLE” flowers (I don’t know what they are called)  that our suburban landscapers planted for us.

They promised me these required little maintenance and that they would grow to only approximately 3 feet ~ “sweet my kind of plants”!


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