Day 90 ~ The car wash is the bell for good behavior

My spirited carefree three-year old as I found out the hard way has a rabid fear of the car wash.  I don’t know how it happened.   It’s not like we put her on top of the car as we drove through or even left the windows down but for some reason the car wash is not on her list of favorite things to do.   I never gave it much thought and for the most part tried to avoid the car wash if she was in the car with me.  No big deal.

Fast forward a couple of months when my same three-year old started finding it very very very funny to spit at people.  (I know it’s hard to believe I don’t have perfect children (insert sarcastic eye roll here)).   On more than one occasion I have had to save my little spitter from her older sisters because if I didn’t she was not going to make it to four.  Anyone who knows me knows that bodily fluids of any kind make me want to vomit so this spitting thing was about ready to throw me over the edge!  I tried all the usual stuff ~ time outs, withholding a toy or dessert, I even tried sending her to bed early (that was a total disaster) nothing was working until  I heard myself say the words “if you spit one more time we are going to the car wash”.    Yes, folks I have finally found the holy grail of punishments for my three-year old.   It’s like Pavlov’s dog where the mere mention of the word “car wash” is the bell for good behavior.   It works for everything “eat your green beans or we are going to the car wash”, “time for bed or we are going to the car wash”, “go clean up your toys or we are going to the car wash”.    I plan to milk this as long as possible.   I figure at the very least I  will have a non-spitting, healthy eating, well rested kid with a clean room  which sounds like a win to me.

Only a reenactment for the post.

And I kid you not I had to bribe her to get her to spit at me because she thought we were going to the car wash.


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