Day 91 ~ Trifecta

It’s no secret that Chris and I are avid baseball fans and Chris grew up eating and breathing the Seattle Mariners.   Throughout our almost 11 year marriage and even while we where still dating I can’t believe how much the Mariners have been intertwined into our relationship.   Some of our first dates where at the Mariners ballpark and then watching the Mariners win 116 games in 2001.  I remember we used to sneak off to this bar at lunch time to watch the playoff games.   We took Oksanna to her first Mariner game when she was four and then Olivia when she was five and I even conceived one of our children on the way to a Mariner’s game (I know probably TMI but it’s relevant to our history and story).  So when Chris got notice that he was getting deployed last fall I promised him I would take Olyse to her first major league baseball game when the Mariners came to town.

As of May 18th the trifecta has been completed and each of our girl’s first major league game was with the  Seattle Mariners.  The Mariners won 4-0, we got to see our favorite Seattle Mariner Ichiro hit twice and score once the only thing missing was Chris and his bag of peanuts.    Coincidently, it was exactly three years ago to the day last night when we took Olivia to her first game.


2 thoughts on “Day 91 ~ Trifecta

  1. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Mariners!!!!!!, Fortunately for me, I was able to take my family to see the M’s farm team (Rainers) before they head back home from Vegas and I to the Middle East. I love and miss you all….Love Me

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