Day 92 ~ for the last 16 years

For the last 16 years there has not been a time when there has not been some form of toy box, Barbie doll (and their shoes…ugh), books, dishes, dress-up cloths and all of the various games the girls have collected over the years in our living room.  Chris and I meet when Oksanna was three therefore we have never known a time together  when there wasn’t toys among are general living space.   There are many many pluses to having kids fairly far apart but one of the drawbacks was the longer lingering of the toys in our living room.  Well today I have ended that streak and I am taking back a little more of our space so our house does not look I run a daycare.  I have moved all the girl’s toys up to their bedroom and re-arranged the furniture.  Oksanna and I even brought up the couch on the right from the basement ~ we are beasts!

I realize the living room looks incredibly bare right now because honestly I could never find just the right artwork or paint color to go with the toy box, play kitchen and doll house.  Hopefully, I can get the house painted and pictures hung before Chris comes home so we can sit down with a glass of wine and finally enjoy our living room.    🙂


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