Day 95 ~ Forecast Calls for Change

Before Chris left we had a long conversation about life.  It was the kind of conversation that you have only when you know something is about to change.  We talked about our relationship, the kids, and how we would manage to stay connected over the upcoming separation. We covered things that should be done before his deployment and about the challenges at home while he is away.  Whether it’s a sick kid, a photo-op or Uncle Sam, when it comes to our careers and raising a family, we’ve always got each others backs. With him heading overseas, we knew the forecast definitely called for change!

Some of the changes started the minute his plane took off and I’ve written about them here –   like solo-parenting at home, the need for a new set of coping mechanisms (a good beer non-withstanding), our primary form of communication changing to email and Skype, and suddenly being solely responsible for home maintenance (and thank God I can hire that out when a chainsaw doesn’t work !).  As you also know, other changes have arrived unexpectedly with a timing of their own – like a car for Oksanna, a new Canon 5D for me and Chris’s early deployment.

The new camera only hinted at one of the biggest changes here at home since Chris left – but one that we set in motion beforehand: changing my professional focus from portrait photography to fine art. As much as I’ve treasured the families I’ve worked with over the years nothing fuels my passion like photographing the unique, the unscheduled, and even the unpredictable (kind of like our family life, only different 🙂 ).. Give me the ideal work day and my activity of choice will be hanging out in the city with my camera, capturing that ruddy urban-ness  that you just don’t find on a street corner in suburbia.

So with Chris’s continued support and encouragement, albeit from afar, I too have been marching forward into the next chapter of my career.  I’m putting the finishing touches on my new website and am both excited and anxious that “Jennifer Mecca, Fine Art Photography” will soon be a reality!  There will be inherent challenges in  heading in this new direction, especially with my partner overseas. But there will also be incredible opportunities and new stories to tell. I’ll keep you posted!


2 thoughts on “Day 95 ~ Forecast Calls for Change

  1. Babe, I am so very proud of you. You are an amazing woman and I am one lucky man to be married to a wonderful woman. You are truly the heart n soul of this family. Thank you for saying yes to me 11 years ago. Love Always

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