Day 103 ~ It’s the Little Things…

The girls and I mailed off a package last week for Chris with some odds and ends he needed,  a few snacks and the girl’s Father’s day cards.   I honestly didn’t think that much of it because it wasn’t that big of deal for us.  I did take a picture of us putting the box together because I freakin’ take pictures of everything that goes on around here and then I decided to go with another post the following day.    However, when I received this email from Chris yesterday it really put things in perspective…

 …”Hey babe, I know this response is completely off topic but today I received your package.  Thank you for the goodies but what’s important is to let you know that after reading Olivia’s Father’s Day presents I broke down and cried.   I was so moved at what she wrote I could not hold back the tears.  Please tell Olivia that daddy got her gift and thank you.  I am truly blessed to have a family like mine.  Love Chris…”

On the days that I wish I could just back out of this whole single parent thing Chris is wishing he could hear his girls say “I love You”.


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