Day 104 ~ Hot Spot

This is for anybody that has been married longer then a minute.  Although having a family member on deployment can bring on many challenges and struggles there are a few things that come up that can reduce stress in the household when one member is not in the house.

Anybody that knows me at all knows that I am constantly cold and will NEVER complain when the thermometer hits 100 degrees outside but will bitch when the temp dips below something like 70 degrees.  I love humidity and I constantly keep asking why I have yet to live someplace warm all year.   However, my husband is the exact opposite and starts to get a bit cranky when the temps get over about 80 degrees.   Throughout our 11 year marriage this has always been an issue of contention.  So as much as I would prefer Chris home with us and me freezing I will take advantage of this little perk and stay warmer this year.   And I guarantee you as I am writing this he has his thermostat set to about 65 degrees…brrrrr  and he is loving it!


2 thoughts on “Day 104 ~ Hot Spot

  1. LOL…Well babe you are close, its 19 defrees celsius, which equates to 66 degrees in Fahrenheit. Love You

    PS….Happy Early 11th Anniversary….LOVE N MISS YOU!!!!!

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