Day 109 ~ Crazy Uncle Josh

Years ago before the little girls were born Oksanna coined the phrase “crazy Uncle Josh” and it stuck and quite honestly I think every family should have a crazy Uncle Josh!  Who knew that years ago when Josh and I were just kids and doing what most kids do and tormenting each other he would grow up to be one of the greatest guys I know and hands down the best Uncle on the planet.

With Chris’ absence over this last week it was a huge blessing to have my brother there to help with the girls and I know the girls did not mind having someone else to bounce off other than me.  Even though we only see Josh about once a year because he lives in Washington State he has this unbelievable knack of being able to jump right back in a connect with the girls on a level that only a true Uncle can do.   The girls are incredible lucky to have this terrific guy who will take each moment he is with the girls to show them how important they are to him.


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