Day 139 ~ Ultra Marathon

While we were in Nebraska with my Grandparents this week we celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary on July 4th ( I know kick ass day to get married because every year the whole freakin nation celebrates with you).

When I step back and think of how many experiences, life lessons, joys and tragedies they have lived through it’s almost impossible to get my head around.   They married right before my grandfather shipped off to serve in the Navy during WWII in the South Pacific (this being one of his biggest achievements to date) listing to him reminisce about those days  you can really hear the pride in his voice for being part of the “greatest generation”.  While my grandfather served my  grandmother graduated valedictorian from her class.    After my grandfather returned from War he returned to college where he finished up his accounting degree.   My grandfather went on to own his own accounting firm.  They went on to have two children my mom and my Uncle Bill, three grandchildren, me, my brother Josh and my cousin Kate and three great-grandchildren, Oksanna, Olivia and Olyse.

After being lucky enough to spend one more anniversary with them I am reminded of how marriage is so much like running.  To put in perspective Chris and I have probably hit the 5K mark in our marriage (a drop in the bucket compared to my grandparents) and we really need to keep working, making adjustments and push on through to make it to the 10k point.  My grandparents on the other hand have long passed your basic marathon distance of 26.6 miles and are well into an ultra marathon race of 100 miles or more.    Have they had hiccups and needed to make adjustments along the way? Of course.  Did they have to stop, walk or just plain sit and puke?  No doubt.  But in the end they have made 71 years together because of the big and small adjustments, pushing through the pain and working harder during times joy.

If you try to sprint through the marathon you are going to fail but if you keep an overall consistant pace you will succeed.


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