Day 149 ~ Half Way!

In the back of my mind there is always a sense of worry and concern that I think naturally goes along with being a Military wife and honestly most of the time I keep it to myself and go about my daily routine.   I think overall it is better emotionally  for the girls when they see me strong and supportive.  Although keeping up strong and supportive for ten months is quite a challenge at times.  I am not going to lie there are days that staying in bed sounds a whole lot more fun then trying to make single parenthood work one more day.

We have gotten in the routine of doing the blog together and they know exactly how much time until we see dad again.  I get a kick out of the little fights over who will be on the blog for the day so dad can see what they are doing.  It’s a very big event in our house most days.     Today marks almost exactly the half way point and with that comes a little sense of “finally we are headed into the home stretch”!

We are so very proud to have a husband and dad who decided not to sit and to stand up for what he believes in.   And although we hardly talk at all because of Chris’ circumstances we wanted to let him know that we are still counting the days and know almost exactly when you will be home to walk besides us again.


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