Day 158 ~ Diva DASH

After being plagued with injury for the greater part of 10 months and being a single parent for the last 6 months having the ability and time to run has been an uphill battle to say the least so being able to say the Shape Diva Dash in Boulder this Saturday will be official come back race is a blessing.  Granted it’s only a little 5k but I am so happy to be able to “just do it” and  to be honest I couldn’t pass up a  race that encourages costumes and spirits.

Yesterday I arranged my little bedroom into a sweat shop and I put Oksanna to work helping me with our 80’s attire because not only will I get to dress up in my favorite decade’s cloths I also get to dress the girls up because everyone needs their own personal  cheerleading section…

Hot pink, neon green and black Toole tutu = AWESOME!


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