Day 170 ~ The view from my couch

We love the Olympics in this house.  I mean really our first daughter is named Oksanna and had our second been a boy she probably would have been named Bode.  I love everything the games stand for.  I love that all countries can put aside their difference and come together as one unit and watch these amazing athletes do what they do best.  I don’t even care what sport I am watching I just love it.  Although can somebody tell me when “trampoline” became a sport?

I really miss watching the games with Chris.  During the last summer Olympics in 2008 I was so pregnant I could barely get off the couch which of course gave me even more of an excuse to watch all day.   Let me tell you there is nothing like pushing almost 200 lbs (yea Olyse was that while watching the very fit very athletic volleyball girls with your husband sitting next you assuring you will look like that again.  Four years later I am still trying to look like that again….LIER!   Either way I will miss the Olympics when they are over but the good thing is when the Winter Games come around in two years I will get to watch them with Chris… 🙂


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