Day 180 ~ Husker Power

I am still Marching Forward however at slightly slower pace than before.  I am still posting but it might not be on a daily basis.   Work for me is extremely busy  and the girl’s activities are in full swing so my efforts will be focused on work and the girls for the last 1/3 of this deployment.  I remember thinking at the time when Chris left that once we made it to Husker football season we would be almost done.  Well the Husker season starts next weekend which means hopefully we can coast the last three “ish” months.

The girls and I made our annual pilgrimage up to the Husker store in Estes Park to stock up on new gear for the season.  We totally would have bought Chris something if I new he wouldn’t use it for fire kindling.    “Sorry Chris but I get to mold and condition their minds to love love love the Huskers this year”.   You know if there was a Washington Huskies store in Estes we totally would have gone in…really?


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