Day 191 ~ The Sign

Yes, it’s true we have a sign this year.  This is the first time in my 39 years I was ever compelled to vandalize my own lawn with our own personal political beliefs.  To those of you who know us you know which sign it is those of you who don’t know us it doesn’t matter I am not going to change anyone’s mind through a simple blog post.   Just know we care and we care a whole hell of a lot.   Do I agree with either politicians view on every issue?  Of course not, but picking a side and genuinely feeling that they have the best interest of our country at heart based on their moral character and proven record  is half the battle.

Chris and I love politics we could eat, breath, and talk about it for hours.  Politics at it’s best and worst can either unit or divide a country.  In our household when other issues have tried to divide us politics is the one thing that has always united us.   I am seriously bummed we will not be able to sit, drink and watch the election together because I feel like it will either be like The fourth of July, Halloween and Christmas all rolled up into a few magical hours or it will really SUCK!   And if it sucks I would really like a bottle of Jack and my partner in crime to commiserate with!


One thought on “Day 191 ~ The Sign

  1. I wish I was there to celebrate with my partner in crime when Romney/Ryan beats Prez Obama/VP Biden and turn this economy around and unite this country. LOVE YOU BABE

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