Day 195 ~ First broken board

Today Olivia had her second belt test for Karate to move up from a high white to the yellow belt and I blew it big time as a mom and photographer.    Her test was at 10am and I just couldn’t pull it together to remember to bring my camera.  I know it’s hard to believe I am not super mom, but I am not and today was probably one of my lowest of days.    Along with  my usual mom and photographer duties I complete each week this week also included  a  field trip, two school conferences, one dentist and one doctor appointment and one very important karate belt test which left me little time to breath.  And let me be clear it’s not that any of these activities are hard it’s just when there is only one person trying to fullfill  all of these obligations  it’s can all but become very overwhelming some weeks.

Of course because I forgot my camera Olivia broke her very first board at this test.  But luckily we have the broken board and therefore we can react the whole awesome move.  Picture splinters breaking off everywhere and the determination on Olivia’s face…

Thank you to our friend Lori who came prepared with her fancy camera we have one excellent shot of Olivia breaking her first board…


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