Day 197 ~ We will always have ghosts

I love Halloween.  Probably because I have spent most of my life living a bit on the dark side and Halloween fits nicely into that way of life.  I love gore, bloods, guts and the craziness that goes along with this holiday.  It’s like this holiday was made just for me.   One of my earliest memories was of my mom and her crazy little sheet ghosts that she would hang from our trees every Halloween to “scare us”.    I think she may have inherited them from my grandparents I am not sure.   Anyway after she passed away we hung on to those ghosts when we moved back to Lincoln with my dad and we still continued to hang them up every year at least while my brother and I were still little.

I can’t remember what my mom sounds like, or what her favorite color was or even her favorite drink but by god I do remember her hanging ghosts in our trees every Halloween.   So every year as a little tribute to my own mom I will continue the tradition of  our crazy little sheet ghosts for our own girls.


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