Day 207 ~ Honey Do…

In February I was running on pure adrenaline and took on the responsibility of keeping things running smoothly and without a hitch.  Not so much any more.    It has become abundantly clear that there are things that are just not going to get done.   I have become like the kid in the last month of school before summer break “not a whole lot shit is getting done and I don’t give a rats ass”.   With Chris coming home in less than six weeks I have basically thrown my hands up in the air and have succumb to pure exhaustion.

Things that are not going to get done as planned.

1.  There is a big old pile of leaves sitting in our yard and I can not express enough how much I am praying for a big wind to descend upon us.

2.  One detached curtain rod that has been balancing on the center clasp for 6 month.  Which is no easy task with one curious four-year old.

2.  I had the most unfortunate run in with a curb and the  front bumper of my Mustang…..ugh.

3.  Christmas lights this year are a no go.

4.  And all the light bulbs I changed as the beginning of the year need changing again.

5.  The garage door quit working about a month ago (yes I tried changing the batteries…duh)

6.  The ice machine and water dispensers quite working in the fridge so long ago I can’t remember when.

7.  And the girls had one unfortunate accident with one bedroom closet door which is now leaning against the wall.  I didn’t bother to ask  what happened  since everyone was OK…

I am sure there are other things that need a fixin’ but they have escaped me now.    I love you babe and I can’t wait for you to come home and not just so you can fix stuff either but fixing stuff will be very cool….


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