Let’s be realistic here. Deployment is hard on every family, regardless of circumstance.  When a family member leaves the country for military duty life changes from Day 1. Tears are shed, routines change and struggles follow as each family member makes their own way to a ‘new normal’.  You scramble to fill voids, put coping mechanisms in place and eventually new routines develop.  I know this firsthand because we been through this once before, a little over 2 years ago.  Back then I thought I knew what to expect, but many of my preconceived notions about how the family would cope departed along with my husband’s plane.

     I’d like to believe that this time things will be different, not as hard as before because the kids are older.  But I’m a realist and know that the status quo is really just a bridge from one surprise to another .  Only time will tell and we’ll take it one day at at time, for the next 299. This time I plan to document our time apart – for both my husband’s sake and for posterity.  Starting Feb. 20th I plan to post a daily portrait of our lives – through the lens of my constant companion – my Canon SLR.  From that day on, we’re marching forward….


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